Dryer Vent Cleaning & Dryer Vent Inspections

Do You Need A Dryer Vent Cleaning?

  • Is your laundry taking more than one cycle to dry the clothes?
  • Does the dryer seem to be getting unusually hot while it’s running?
  • Have your clothes developed a musty or moldy smell?
  • Is there excessive humidity around the dryer?

There are more than 16,800 fires from washers and dryers each year. Properly maintaining your dryer vent dramatically reduces the risk of that happening to you.

Watch the video below showing the importance of keeping your clothes dryer venting system properly serviced.

Dangers Of Clogged Dryer Vents

If there’s one appliance most homeowners rely on to get chores done, it’s the clothes dryer. Don’t let your dryer become a fire hazard because it’s not cleaned regularly and properly.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Data Center, clothes dryers are responsible for approximately 15,600 structure fires around the country each year. Eighty percent of these fires start with clogged dryer vents, and result in 15 deaths and 400 injuries on average annually. Thousands of other home occupants are treated for symptoms of poisonous gas fumes that back up into the home due to blocked dryer vents.

Yes, cleaning the lint trap in your dryer is a good practice, but it’s not enough to prevent a fire from sparking in your dryer vent. To keep your dryer efficient and safe, replace any vinyl or plastic flexible transition ducts between the dryer and the main vent (often located inside a wall) with a a semi-rigid metal transition duct, since plastic and vinyl transition ducts can catch fire, unlike the semi-rigid metal ducts.

Make sure the opening of the dryer vent pipe outside is free of any birds’ nests, bushes or other debris that accumulates over time.

When To Clean Dryer Vents

While the buildup in a clothing dryer presents many dangers to homes and its occupants, there are ways to prevent many of these hazards from occurring.

Homeowners may notice certain signs that signal the dryer vent is blocked by debris and needs to be cleaned. They include:

  • Clothing does not dry completely after a normal drying cycle
  • A musty odor is noticed in the clothing following the drying cycle
  • Clothing seems unusually hot to the touch after a complete drying cycle
  • The dryer vent hood flap does not properly open as it is designed to do during the operation of the dryer
  • More than a year has passed since the last dryer vent cleaning service
  • Debris is noticed within the outside dryer vent opening
  • Drying time for clothing takes longer than 35 to 40 minutes in duration
  • Excessive heat is noticed within the room in which the dryer is being operated
  • Large amounts of lint accumulate in the lint trap for the dryer during operation
  • A visible sign of lint and debris is noticed around the lint filter for the dryer
  • Excessive odor is noticed from dryer sheets that are used during the drying cycle

The Benefits Of A Clean Dryer Vent System

  • Reduces the risk of a costly and dangerous dryer fire
  • Prevent premature wear and tear on the dryer
  • Reduces the time you need to do Laundry
  • Lowers energy costs and electricity consumption
  • Reduces the risk of dryer vent related fires

Our Guardian Dryer Vent Cleaning Procedure

  • Connector Hose Cleaned
  • Our flexible spin-brush system extended through the dryer vent system to clean dryer vent buildup.
  • Lint Trap Screen Is Cleaned
  • Air Pressure is blown through the venting system to remove any residual lint.
  • Dryer exhaust pressure tested with proper gauge system to inspect for leaks or damage.

Many companies that clean dryer vents will simply use vacuums or air pressure to remove some of the lint buildup. At Guardian Roofing & Chimneys our dryer vent cleaning system is specially designed to maximize properly cleaning your dryer vent systyem.

Important Tips To Remember About Your Dryer

  • Be sure to clean the lint trap screen after every load.
  • Never leave the house or go to bed with your dryer running.
  • Do not use a knit stocking over the end of a gas dryers connector hose due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Building codes require that all dryer vent systems be vented to the outside of the house.

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