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The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning

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The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Why Your Dryer Vent Should Be Cleaned Properly

Written By: Tevis Linnebur – Sales Executive at Guardian Roofing

Each year according to the U.S Fire Administration, around 15,000 structure fires are caused by in home dryers. More than 80% of these fires are caused by a buildup of lint in the dryer vent. That is more than 12,000 house fires that could have been prevented by simply cleaning your dryer vent out on a regular basis. Safety is the first and main reason to clean your vent, however, there is also less dangerous reasons to clean your dryer vent such as; making your dryer more efficient, making your dryer life longer, and less maintenance.

The dryer vent is made to push hot air and moisture out of the house. If this is clogged or slowed down, this will cause your dryer to have to work harder, and could mean a longer run time for each cycle of clothes in order for them to be fully dry. This will use more electric putting an impact on the dryer life and your electric bill. This blockage of lint can cause the air to come back into the home which can impact air quality for your family and you. The less blockage you have in the duct, the less your dryer will have to work, so this can lead to much less maintenance on the dryer itself, saving you money in repairs.

Ways to clean your dryer vent via Kenmore:

  • Pull the dryer away from the wall, typically the vent will be behind the back of the dryer. If the dryer is hard to move on your own, consider hiring guardian services to perform this task.
  • Disconnect the dryer from its power source for safety.
  • Disconnect the flexible dryer duct from the wall, along with the back of the dryer. Cleaning up any lint spilled on the ground and inside the flexible duct. Then clean the inside of the duct on the all, trying to get all the lint inside the wall and around.
  • When everything is clean, try and reconnect the ducts and power cord.
  • Carefully move the dryer back into place, making sure not to put a kink in the flexible dryer duct.

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