Written by Jeremy Berg

Repair a Roof or Replace a Roof?

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Repair a Roof or Replace a Roof

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Should Repair a Roof or Replace a Roof? That is the question!

Written By: Jeremy Berg – President at Guardian Roofing

Most people pay no attention to their roof until something happens. Maybe they find a leak inside their home or see visible damage on their roof, if they happen to look up from their busy day. This is just how life works because we are all so busy.

What happens when people do have concerns about roof damage? Typically, people will jump on google and search for a roof repair company. The search begins with a long scroll through the ratings, hoping to find the someone reliable and affordable. When they think they’ve found a match, they have to fill out a form or call a number. The next thing they know someone claiming to be a roofing expert shows up at the door and then disappears onto the roof. At this point, they have no idea what he is doing, what he is looking at, or if he is checking his Facebook. Shortly thereafter, this person comes down their trusty ladder and tells them two things: (1) the roof is the worst they have ever seen and (2) they need to call their insurance right away because the whole roof is about to come off. Does this process sound familiar?

The problem with this process is that sometimes the whole roof is about to come off, but usually it isn’t. There are times where a hailstorm with huge, six-inch hailstones can truly demolish your roof, literally leaving holes not only in your shingles but in your decking as well. There are times hail can break windows and leave huge dents in your gutters. However, it doesn’t take an expert to know that there is significant damage when a storm of this magnitude occurs. Despite the advertising and what a lot of roofing companies would have you believe, most hailstorms do not cause catastrophic damage. Many homes today have 30-year shingles that are rated for 120 mile an hour wind and can withstand up to quarter-size hail.

After any hailstorm it is good practice to get a local roofer out to survey the damage, especially if you have a leak or see a few missing shingles. When the roofer is examining the damage, he is going to try to determine if the entire roof should get replaced or just repaired. The generally accepted practice is that if the hail causes large impacts in a 10’ x 10’ section and there are 7 or more impacts in at least 3 or 4 sides of the roof there is a good chance the roof should be replaced. Why? The granulas (provide protection, color, and aesthetic to your roof) will have been knocked off, leaving the tar and fiberglass matting exposed, which sooner or later will cause leaking that leads to damage of the decking and everything under it. The damage can be costly, potentially doubling the cost of proper repair or replacement. It is much cheaper if repairs are taken as soon as the first signs of damage are discovered. On the other hand, sometimes a hail storm may only make a few abrasions in the shingle. In this case, insurance usually will not approve and replace a few shingles.

What about wind damage? Most roofs with wind damage come from three-tab shingle roofs or 25-year roofs. They are rated for 55 MPH wind with most manufacturers. Depending on where you live, there may be a lot of wind and 55 MPH may be the norm. These roofs are very prone to wind damage, in part due to the weight of the shingle. When moving up to a 30 year shingle, also known as an architectural shingle, the roof becomes less prone to damage because the shingles are much heavier and the wind rating almost doubles. It is even more effective if the installer uses 1 or 2 more nails per shingle, the max being 6, and the thermo self-sealing adhesive is allowed to be activated.

How many wind shingles would warrant a replacement? Most insurance companies must see evidence of wind damage to at least 50 percent of the roof, to warrant a replacement. This can include, but is not limited to, missing shingles, creased shingles, and shingles that have lost their ability to reseal. If there are only a few shingles the best option for the homeowner is either replacing or re-applying roofing cement.

When a roof has been on for longer than 12-15 years, chances are it has seen more than its fair share of hail storms, wind storms, and scorching heat. Sometime a roof just isn’t repairable, every shingle you attempt to touch literally cracks and repairing what started out as a small section grows larger due to the delicate shingles. Most insurance companies will agree to a replacement when home owners or roofers learn that the roof is brittle due to repeated wind or hail damage. However, home owners shouldn’t be pessimistic about their roofs because in many cases a roof can have little or no damage, even after 20 years. Roofs that are well ventilated tend to last longer than those that are not.

What about leaks? Believe it or not, most leaks do not come from the actual shingle, rather, they are caused from penetration in the roof from things such as exhaust vents, pipe jack, or ventilation. These areas are prone to leaking due to the nature of how they are installed. Most of the time the installer must cut the shingle and caulk around these area, which can and does present a problem in time. Other times the flashing around walls or other areas will and do eventually leak. Most leaks occur when there is a heavy downpour of rain for a period of time. The longer the downpour, the more probability of a leak. What may not be a problem under most rains can become an issue under heavy downpours. These issues can usually be remedied by a trained professional roofer.

Deciding on whether or not to replace a roof is not always black and white. Good roofers will tell you the truth about the condition of the roof and whether the roof needs to be replaced or not and consider whether your using insurance or paying out of pocket in making that assessment. The roofer should be able to give pictures and explanations as to why the roof needs to be repaired or replaced. If you do not feel comfortable with the explanation then get a second or even third opinion. Keep in mind that when there is damage to your roof, it is almost always cheaper to be proactive about repairs!

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