Written by Tevis Linnebur

Why is a Chimney Inspection so important?

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Why is a Chimney Inspection so important?

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The Importance of a Proper Chimney Inspection

Written By: Tevis Linnebur – Sales Executive at Guardian Roofing

Doing a chimney inspection on your home can give you a peace of mind. The two most common causes of house fires are stoves and un-maintained chimneys. Chimneys so easily can get clogged up by small sticks and leaves, or even by nest from animals. An inspection can also help you discover hidden structural problems and damages.

In most chimneys there is a glassy greasy substances inside of inside walls of the chimney. This is called creosote, which is highly flammable that is chemical compound that is formed when you burn wood. Even when the fire stays in the flue large buildups of creosote can cause serious structural damage. This is very difficult to remove without a CSIA-certified professional.

Finding out structural abnormalities early can save a fortune in money caused by water damage with leaks. Water damage on the home can cause a range of different damages on the home. It can cause you to have to replace worn down or withered frames on the home, damage personal irreplaceable property, or cause mold inside the home. These are all very costly in something that could have been found early and fixed. This preventative inspection can also help you find out if your chimney is leaking air out, which lets cold air in the home, or letting in small animals. All these things can cost you money from having to excessively heat your home to try and maintain the perfect warm temperature to having to fix damage inside the home caused by animals borrowing into your home.

Lighting a fire with the flue having an obstruction can cause a spark to ignite the blockage and cause fast house fire, or the smoke will not be able to fully pass through the chimney and carbon monoxide can blow back into the home. Carbon monoxide coming into the home can increase your risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. These scenarios are both life threatening for you and your family, but are easily fixed with a quick sweep of the chimney. If you hear or see critters or other small animals in the chimney do not try and build a big fire to smoke out the animals, this is life threatening and is a huge risk for a house fire. Hire a professional sweep to remove the animal and clean your chimney to get you ready for a great burning season.

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